About First15 Worship

As believers, we want a real connection with God every day, not just on Sunday. We want the peace and passion that comes from living with God, not for God. But when Monday morning rolls around we’re left thinking:

“Now what?” “How do I find and keep a daily connection with my Creator on my own?” 

At First15, we know that meaningful worship isn’t just for Sunday. Every believer should be able to find a daily connection to God with fresh worship created specifically for their weekday.

Through First15, we’re already helping more than a million believers around the world begin their day connecting with God. And now, we’ve created worship specifically for your weekday, to help you find and keep a meaningful connection with your Creator.

You don’t have to live without an abiding connection with God. With free daily devotionals, podcasts, and now weekday worship, we’re here to help you connect with God in a meaningful way every day.

Go to First15.org to find out more.

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